Summer shows Jun 24.2014
We have been very bad on updating lately... Too many other things happening around us. But here we go - we will do a bunch of summer shows, all in one week, all in Göteborg. Great logistics!

The schedule looks like this:
21/7 - Gräfsnäsgården
22/7 - Altplatsen
23/7 - Allégården
23/7 - Kallebäck
24/7 - Sommarmelad (outside Kafé Marmelad, Mariagatan)

Have a great summer!

New shows for 2014 Jan 29.2014
So, first trip for 2014 is nailed.
Der Schweiz & Karlsruhe - endlich kommen wir!
Buchloe, sehr spannend und wir freuen uns.

03.12 Karlsruhe - Tollhaus
03.13 Bern - ISC
2014.03.14 Aarau - KiFF
2014.03.15 Buchloe - Hirsch Lindenberg

Swedish radio Sep 06.2013
P3, the national public radio station picked up Equality on rotation this week. We are of course grateful and hope that it will keep spinning until equality is here for real. Let´s put it on repeat, shall we...? "I like to think that we are so much more economic men, and I don´t want to be compared to either Barbie or Ken - I just wanna live my life in Equality..."

New album available for pre order! Aug 28.2013
So, even though there are some days until the album is finally available in record stores, it is of course possible to order it. Either you do it here at (there is a link right next to this text, just click the album cover art) or you go for a on line store.
Why not choose Bengans if you live in Sweden? Or if you are hanging out in Germany, we recommend this one.

It is of course also available through iTunes and it will be up on Spotify and the rest of the streaming funksters as well.

Tracklist is as follows:

1. Iron Man
2. A Silence so loud
3. Engel
4. Cold
5. Animal Army
6. Eyemaster
7. Equality
8. Oh, Rosseau!
9. Stand up & shout
10. Music took my Life


And here it is - Equality! Aug 20.2013
So, finally it is out there. We shot almost all scenes in Majorna, the home of Hellsongs and a part of Göteborg that is quite unique due to its inhabitants warm and friendly attitude. All shown perfectly well in the video, shot by the mighty Davor Radic.
Watch it here!

New video in the loop! Aug 14.2013
We´ve been busy the past weeks making a new video for the next single from the upcoming album. A lot of sun, colors and splashing in the water. Great fun!

We will of course present it here.
Only a matter of days now!

Swedish dates Aug 06.2013
Three swedish dates are now confirmed as well.
The release party for These are evil times... will of course be held in Göteborg, then we hit Stockholm and end it in Malmö.

Schedule looks like this:

29.08 Pustervik, Göteborg
30.08 Kägelbanan, Stockholm
31.08 Debaser, Malmö

We are very much looking forward to this!
Ses snart snyggingar.

New video! Jul 07.2013
We are mighty proud to be able to present the first video
from the upcoming album, "These are evil times...".

We had a great day in a park in Göteborg, walking around like
one giant Kiss-family. It sure made people look twice. Hopefully
you will enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed doing it.

Here it is.

These are evil times tour 2013 Jun 04.2013
This is how our fall will look like. Some few dates will come to this (of course a release party in Göteborg and some more) but for the continent, this is what makes us thrilled right now. We can´t wait to get the new album out to you and then sing the songs together with you all. Tickets can be found here. See you out on the roads!

1st Leg
Sep 18.13 Orange Club - Kiel
Sep 19.13 Übel & Gefährlich - Hamburg
Sep 20.13 Tower - Bremen
Sep 21.13 Musikzentrum Hannover - Hannover
Sep 22.13 Lido - Berlin
Sep 24.13 Nachtleben - Frankfurt a. M.
Sep 25.13 Hirsch - Nürnberg
Sep 26.13 Zeche Carl - Essen
Sep 27.13 Bunker Ulmenwall - Bielefeld

2nd Leg
Oct 16.13 KFZ - Marburg
Oct 17.13 Szene - Wien
Oct 18.13 PPC - Graz
Oct 19.13 Posthof - Linz
Oct 20.13 Ampere - München
Oct 22.13 Universum - Stuttgart
Oct 23.13 Schlachthof - Kassel
Oct 24.13 Underground - Köln
Oct 25.13 Kleine Freiheit - Osnabrück
Oct 26.13 Waschhaus - Potsdam

3rd Leg
Nov 06.13 Helgas Stadtpalast - Rostock
Nov 07.13 Moritzbastei - Leipzig
Nov 09.13 Café Central - Weinheim
Nov 10.13 Tollhaus - Karlsruhe
Nov 12.13 Alte Mälzerei - Regensburg

Tour dates revealed! Mar 06.2013
Oh la la, here are some first dates of the tour that will take place this fall, shortly after the release of the album. More dates, in more countries will follow soon.

18.09 Kiel - Orange Club
19.09 Hamburg - Übel & Gefährlich
20.09 Bremen - Tower
21.09 Hannover - Musikzentrum
22.09 Berlin - Lido
24.09 Frankfurt a. M. Nachtleben
25.09 Nürnberg - Hirsch
26.09 Essen - Zeche Carl

You can get your tickets here!

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